What’s Your “Pursonality”?

There are so many styles of bags and each one represents a different type of woman. Let’s examine a few of my favorite styles.

The Tote

Tote bags are versatile. They are usually quite large and can hold a myriad of items. They are perfect for the girl on the go. This lady is always prepared. Need a bandaid? Got it! Hair brush? Got it! Flash light? Come on, she’s not Nancy Drew. Or is she?!

The Clutch

Clutches vary greatly in size, but they are usually smaller than a regular purse and carried in your hand. They can be classic and sophisticated to bohemian and wild. Party girls adore these types of bags! Think Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany’s. This fun spirited lady is a minimalist.

The Backpack

Made of many types of cloth as well as leathers, these bags are another great pick for the girl on the go. She’s a dreamer who loves to travel. She’s adventurous and courageous. She’s flexible and can be ready for the next big thing in an instant.

The Bucket Bag

This is my “go to” bag. It holds a good deal, but doesn’t overwhelm a petite figure. A chic yet practical bag. Confident and fashion forward women carry bucket bags.

The Crossbody

Cross body bags can be worn across your body or hung off a shoulder. It’s a versatile bag for the minimalist. Optimistic and practical, this lady likes to keep her treasures close to her.

Have a favorite style bag? Leave me a comment so I can learn your “pursonality”.

Style pretty!